What inspired me to do this project?
There are many amazing artists on Pinterest who generate posters combining popular culture with character. So, I wanted to create art that means a lot to me, which is British music and youth culture. 
What does British youth culture mean to you?
I think my fascination comes from where I live. Brighton is famous for having a lot of quirky cultures compared to other places. For me, my love for Steampunk, the MODS and certain aspects of the 1960’s. This inspired me to create this art. 
 I enjoyed researching into energetic styles e.g punk and steampunk. These characters are inspired by the works of Kristen Rothbart and McBess. These artists along with other great work on Pinterest, enabled me to create a concept art for a cover of a fantasy magazine. 
How did you research the culture and British people?
Just type into Pinterest is my answer. I entered search terms like British Rock Stars. As an illustrator, I tend to use real life and cartoon references to help me craft a final design. It's short and sweet way of researching.
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