What was your experience in sharing ideas and designs through Slack?
It was refreshing. I used it slightly when I was an intern at Bamb. At first I was nervous getting the constructive feedback from Sally and the Fabrica team. However, the instant messaging was great for making changes on the go.
How did this project helped you build the foundation for future client work?
It encouraged me to present my visual solutions. This project revealed that I am a creative thinker.  I love solving problems.  This confidence in my chosen field and pitching skills helped me to reflect how to narrow down my line of work.
One thing useful thing you learned?
Avoid being a generalist. Trying to please everyone doesn’t achieve anything. But I will not discard my graphic design skills. It has enabled me work on things that I great at, solving issues using illustrations. This project got me to think about being a specialist.
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