Promotional art 1: Pattern gloves
Promotional art 2: Warm shiny shirt

Dynamic logos for the project

Tag designs for beanies

Symbols for both merchandise and digital website

Concept: animated advert that focuses on being immersive.
A postcard that is great for networking with customers and clients
T-shirt that is great for spreading the message.
Flexible and professional symbols to help text to convey a strong story about the brand
Logo for company demonstrated on store front
Artwork for office and store front. Act as a nice piece of marketing material
Vinyl printed illustration for shop floor
Concept art and scrapped ideas
Original logos idea
Warm beanie idea
In one or two sentences, what is the importance of this project?
Off course, to answer to clients who find itĀ frustrating that their visual content cannot be adapted to multiple platform. Plus to help them convey a relatable message to how they can help their customers.
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