Why do you want to enter the editorial magazine industry?
Studying Digital Media Design helped me to realize my strongest point is conveying information through illustrations. This project represents my strength to apply a strong comic style to form artwork that can be professionally presented in books.
Why the tattoos?
Followers on Instagram and Twitter regularly encourage me to apply tattoos to tell a story into the illustration. The tattoos take a spin on an informative work focusing on drinking water. For example, the Snake represents the decay of the mental and physical condition. It’s my spin on using shocking imagery to effectively convey information. 
What was your goal?
To overcome my common problem of making terrible and dull typography composition, I thought hell with it, let's do some type work. Somehow, my previous illustrations helped me to draw and plan the artwork with ease. It really helped me planned the designs
I did the poster last. The task of taking a quote about water and then create something interesting with it was very scary. A mixture of hand-drawn words and existing fonts kinda help me to think of effective compositions. 
. EEhhh is usually first thing when I see my typography compositions. However, practising has kinda got rid of that. I am really glad that I did this project. This project demonstrates I can apply typography solve a design problem.
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