This project was something that you were keen to explore for quite some time. Why now?
To be honest, I wanted to utilise my existing visual style and skills to generate something that improves my portfolio in terms of scope. At college, uni or the land of Hogwarts, students, including myself, are systemically taught to generate a portfolio without personalising it to the audience or industry. 
For me, it is about generating a diverse portfolio and more interesting social media feeds. 
What have you achieved with this project? 
I realised my mural/cartoon style can be marketable by the music/event industry. So with the help of character design references and looking at Gorillaz albums for 2000 hours, I travelled to the abyss known as the sketchbook. I had such a great time conceptualising wacky typography and character design. It really allowed me to explore unfamiliar and random concepts to generate surprising posters.

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