How did your inspirations from cartoons like Adventure Time and artists, such as McBess, motivated you to create murals?
Well, murals are an integral part of my freelance career. I recently took a commission for designing a window in a local shop in Brighton. This led me to develop murals for multiple platforms. My journey took me to suddenly initiate a fun and slightly relatable project.
What was your creative thinking behind this?
To put this in a couple of lines, I wanted to create an illustration package celebrating the world’s retail heritage and the high street shops. Online shopping is useful but nothing beats personalisation and the actual thing of the shop. Smell, feeling and the presentation adds to the overall atmosphere of buying shoes.
These two illustration aims to convey the positive aspect of shopping. I designed the murals to work with content that informs readers about brand heritage and the authentic shopping experience. 
Your favourite thing about these illustrations?
It’s their ability to be used on multiple platforms. Both illustrations have simple color schemes and visual style. This was done to ensure they look visually pleasing when viewed as either magazine or wall art.
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